Three College students are embarking on an adventure that will help others tremendously.

According to WMUR, Garret Roberts, Emmie Daswani and Arian Deli Colli, who started a charity called Concept Project to bring awareness to social issues, will began their walk in the snow and will cover more than 100 miles to bring awareness specifically to support those struggling with mental health issues.

They plan to walk from Mount Washington to Hampton Beach.

They hope the funds will be used for education, organization support, and advocacy for people affected by mental health issues and suicide, the news station reported.

Roberts told WMUR, “It feels really cool to bring attention to such a crucial issue from where I’m from.

Colli said, “Walk from the highest point to the lowest point, representing the mental health struggles that we all go through on a day-to-day basis.”

Such wise words from those so young.  This cause seems even more important this year than any other.  Being alone for the holidays is very hard on people used to being with their families.

So many are out of work, struggling to get by.  If you want to help these tough kids, here's the link to their gofundme page.  The trio plan to end their walk at Hampton Beach on Tuesday, December 22.  They also hope that by doing this walk, they heighten awareness of how healing the great outdoors can be.  I know how important hiking and hanging out at the beach helps my mental health.  Even on a winter day, I like to park my car by the sea on route 1A in Rye, NH, and just listen to the waves roll in.  I can't explain it, it does wonders for me. I do it every weekend both Saturday and Sunday. Keep walking!




Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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