There is really no denying the fact that Adam Sandler is one of the country's greatest comedic geniuses of our time. I know that you either love him or simply cannot stand him, but he will always be known for his funny and at times vulgar comedic films.

It really doesn't matter if you love him or hate him, or even if his movies made you laugh, there are a surprising amount of life lessons hidden in the majority of his films that you may have skipped over.

Below are some of Sandler's films, along with the movie's description and the life lesson from it, that you should actually live by.

Little Nicky (2000)

Honestly, the lesson learned from this movie is that you should not let anyone stop you from doing what you know is right. One could also argue that there is a second life lesson in this movie which is that you should not let anyone bring you down, you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it.

The Waterboy (1998)

Similar to Little NickyThe Waterboy, teaches us to never let anything stand in our way. During our lives, we come across someone or even multiple people that choose to underestimate us. They can make us think that we are not able to achieve greatness but with hard work and motivation, we are able to prove them wrong.

Mr. Deeds (2002)

What Mr. Deeds secretly teaches us, is that money and power are not everything. We all know the saying, "money doesn't buy happiness," just because you have a lot of money doesn't mean that you will be happy. No one should let money or power change who they really are, you have to try to stay true to yourself.

Billy Madison (1995)

There are times in our lives when we either choose to give someone the opportunity or we are given the opportunity for a second chance. Billy Madison teaches us to make the most of second chances. A second chance is rare and it is essential to try to do better the second time around and learn from our mistakes.

Granted this may not be a life lesson, but another Adam Sandler movie taught me something that bettered my game, literally. The movie Pixels taught me that we have 10 seconds when playing Pac-Man to eat ghosts after getting the "power pellet" before they turn back.

There is honestly a lot to learn by watching Adam Sandler's movies. Yes, the films are made to make us laugh, but the underlining lessons can honestly teach us to be a better person all around.

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