What kind of daughter has her own mother arrested by the police on her 93rd birthday? Well, a loving one of course!

Fox News reports Anne Dumont contacted the Augusta Police Department to ask if they could “gently arrest” her mother, Simone. I'm sure after what amounted to more than a few questions, the police found out that Simone was turning 93, and loves police officers.

Dumont posted on Facebook that her mom goes on and on about the difficult job police officers have, and the issues they have to deal with. And she wondered what it was like to be arrested and sit in the back seat.

So after some discussion, Augusta police officers arrived to "arrest" Simone. And according to Fox News, her daughter said her mom told her the surprise  “made my life.” The report says she got to see the inside of the police car...front and back, and also pushed the siren button until it whaled.

Simone now refers to her arresting officer, Paul Doody, as “her cop.”

Happy belated birthday Simone.

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