Look at that headline -- not something you see every day.

Honestly, I love the whole New York/New England rivalry. It's SO fierce. And it's almost a blood feud (minus the blood) that reeks of pure hatred. And to an extent, it's true, but more so directed at sports teams.

I'm a Pats fan. A Sox fan. A Celtics fan. A Bruins fan. So basically, I've been trained to hate the Jets, hate the Giants (ESPECIALLY after those two Super Bowls), hate the Yankees, and honestly we have bigger rivalries in hockey and basketball, so the Rangers, Islanders, Knicks, and Nets don't really matter.

But all that said, here's my favorite part of the rivalry -- when something goes down, we forget all about it and get each others' backs. When 9/11 happened, all of New England rallied around New Yorkers. Our first responders, and just our citizens in general.

When the Boston Marathon bombing happened, New Yorkers did the same for us. It's one of those situations where it's like that type of brotherhood where a big brother can TORMENT a little brother, but as soon as someone else picks on the little brother, the big brother steps in and is like "NOPE. NOBODY PICKS ON MY BROTHER BUT ME!"

So all of that said, the guy in this video (who runs the Five Acre Farm Facebook and YouTube accounts and is named Davey Rupp, according to the u local New Hampshire group on Facebook), is a New Yorker who transplanted up here to New Hampshire.

Apparently, all of his friends have been asking him why he moved up here, so he decided to make a 6-minute-long video of it.

Most of it is highlighting how beautiful it is out here. He started recording the video on December 1 (when we had a 60-degree day), recorded again on December 2, and then a third day to wrap it up. But a lot of why he highlighted that he moved here was of course how much more financially and fiscally beneficial it is to live here (in a tax-free state) as opposed to New York, and he highlighted how there's more freedom, too (Live Free or Die, baby!)

All of this brings up a good question, though. Davey explained why he moved to New Hampshire -- why did YOU? Were you born and raised here? Are you from outside of New England, but something drew you here? Me personally -- my parents moved to New Hampshire from Massachusetts when I was a kid, so I didn't really have a choice.

I moved out in my late 20's back to Mass to live in Malden for a couple of years to be closer to work, before I moved back to New Hampshire (which honestly felt like a homecoming) and settled in Dover for over a handful of years. Left for Tulsa for a couple of years, and now I'm back -- and never want to leave again. There's just something super special about this area, you know?

So what's your New Hampshire move story?

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