Okay, eww.  Rowell’s Services of Northfield, a septic company just found a wedding ring during a deep clean of one of its trucks, and they are searching for the owner, according to WMUR.

If my wife lost her ring, I know she would want it back no matter where it was found, but I think I would just get a new one.

The ring may have been lost up to six years ago.  It may have been flushed down a toilet or lost down a drain, but during a deep clean of one of the company’s trucks, the simple gold band was found.  It may have extra special significance to someone so the company is looking for the public’s help in returning the ring to its owner.

Rowell’s Services of Northfield offers its services to a 40-mile radius in the North Concord area, according to the news station.

Co-owner of the company, Mandie Hagan tells WMUR, “It could have been in the truck for anywhere up to a year, but it all depends on when that person lost it, if it was at someone’s home and they flushed it down the toilet on accident or down the sink drain they haven’t had their septic tank pumped in four to five years, it could be six years.”

So, this is kind of a gross, but wonderful story of the journey of that wedding ring and the desire of the company’s owners to go the extra mile to find the owner.

I hope someone claims it, I’m pretty sure it has been deep cleaned by now.



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