Oh Craigslist! You are a silly silly place.

Here is a real life ad in the NYC wanted section of Cragslist:

I recently broke most of the bones in my body and am in a full body cast. I'm not looking for sympathy people, it's all good--I moved back in with my mom and she's taking great care of me. But there's one thing she won't do. She thinks I eat too many burritos. . .

But theres a problem see, this man LOVES burritos. Apparently he is willing to compensate for this burrito assistant position. However I couldn't find an hourly rate.

If I lived closer I would help a brother out. The poor guy should be able to experience some joy in the form of Chipoltle.

And perhaps once feeding hour is done I could read aloud some Fifty Shades of Guac...if he's into that.

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