A group of Princeton University physicists have figured out a way to know which side of an Oreo cookie will get the icing every single time. I'm sure their parents are beaming with pride as they write those tuition checks. 

If you're trying to impress someone or just want to prove to your kids that you're really smart, this 'party trick,' is  a surefire way to get noticed! According to a report on the 'Today' show, the physicists figured out that an Oreo cookie will always split with the filling on the same side.

Try it for yourself...

"Position the Oreo box so that the text on the packaging is facing the right way, and take out the cookie in the upper left hand corner. If the cream ends up on the left biscuit on one cookie, it’ll end up on the left biscuit for every cookie in that box. If it’s on the right, vice versa."

Apparently, it has to do with the manufacturing process. As each cookie is being assembled, the hot filling is poured onto one wafer before the second is added on top. That gives the bottom cookie more of a chance to adhere to the creamy filling, allowing it to stick to that side when ripped apart.

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