Food insecurity is still real for millions of Americans and the pandemic only brought the issue out in the open.  The great news is kids in Maine are going to be getting free breakfast and lunch which will be a huge help to many families in the area.  Last year, the federal government announced an aid program to assist students in getting their free lunches and meals during the school closures.  Maine and California have announced that they are going to keep the free meal program going according to


Healthy Food Makes the Difference


A spokesperson for the School Nutrition Association Diane Pratt-Heavner tells the, “We’ve seen such tremendous benefits associate with offering meals to students and giving them a choice to take them.  It really makes sure every child who needs that meal and who depends on school meals gets those meals.”


The High Cost of Kids in Maine


Anyone who lives in our area of the country knows that kids cost more up north.  There are winter jackets and mittens (that always get lost) and hats and boots.  Knowing the kids are fed a nutritious meal can help provide some stress relief for families. Some students haven’t qualified for free lunch in the past because their families make too much money, but the income threshold is low, and it doesn’t account for that family that has unexpected medical bills or that untimely car repair.  I think this is a great program and we should keep it permanently. I truly don't understand how in America anyone goes hungry. That my friends should not happen here, NEVER.



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