Celebrity Sightings are More and More Frequent as Filmmakers are back to Work


Now that the pandemic restrictions are easing up, more films are being shot in New England.  The movie “Confess, Fletch” is being filmed currently in Boston and Worcester.  Sightings of both Jon Hamm and John Slattery have been reported according to whdh.com


Jon Hamm, Just Like the Rest of Us


Jon Hamm was spotted in Union Park taking a bit of break from filming and was captivated by two dogs named Otis and Teddy.  Otis and Teddy’s owner tells whdh.com that Hamm stopped to pet the two good boys and show Otis and Teddy’s owner a picture of his own dog on his phone.  He might just be in the coolest celebrity club right next to Adam Sandler in my book. The best news about all these celebrity sightings is studios are making movies again!


Dogs will Steal Your Heart


Walking a cool dog anywhere will draw attention.  I have an English cream golden retriever that everyone loves.  He smiles a lot, which looks pretty frightening until you realize it’s a smile and he is not a wolf.  I still think its iso cool that even celebrities have a down-to-earth reaction to dogs.  And I loved the part when Jon Hamm whipped out his phone to show off his own dog.  If more people were like dogs the world would be a better place.  I am a dog and a cat person.  We have three cats and three dogs.  Everyone loves the big dogs but my daughter's chihuahua not so much.  He is a rescue and over the years I have come to realize why.  He would have bit Jon Ham if he got too close.  Can’t wait to see the new movie “Confess, Fletch” and see how much of Boston I can recognize.




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