I'm convinced there's no better location in the entire country that puts out more solid, more renowned, and just simply better culinary artists than in New England.

Think about it -- how many chefs and/or bakers from New England have ended up on the Food Network? I mean, with their show Chopped alone, off the top of my head, I know I've seen a woman from Dover, New Hampshire, a woman from Boston (who I actually know personally) -- heck, TONIGHT, Danny Rassi in North Conway, New Hampshire, will be on the Food Network for the Grand Championship of Chopped Comfort Food Feud!

Plus, Bobby Marcotte from Derry, New Hampshire, has been all over the 812,125 shows that Guy Fieri has on the channel, popping up on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, as well as Guy's Grocery Games. I'm just convinced that no one does it better than we do in New England.

And now there's ANOTHER accolade to prove my point, because Biddeford, Maine just got put on the NATIONAL MAP for a GREAT reason! According to Channel 8 WMTW, Food and Wine Magazine just named Night Moves Bread in Biddeford as one of the "10 most essential bakeries in the country!"

On top of that, Food and Wine went even further and called the owner of Night Moves Bread, Kerry Hanney, "one of the region's most forward-thinking bakers," (according to WMTW), and even gave her props for her use of local grains for her breads and pies.

Kerry told WMTW that it's exciting to get recognition and be able to provide bread to the community, especially with the help of Maine grain and the Maine Grain Alliance. Ya know, that's ANOTHER thing I've noticed, both from talking to Danny Rassi a few times as well as what Kerry told WMTW -- our nationally successful local chefs and bakers ALWAYS give props to the providers of the local ingredients they work with. It just stands out to me -- it's one thing to bask in the glory of national recognition (for good news, obviously), but when you try and share that spotlight and highlight other local businesses that have helped you get to that point? Respect. Because not a lot of people would.

Then again, not a lot of people are as next-level amazing as we are in New England. By the way, Night Moves Bread is still cranking out the deliciousness during the pandemic, taking weekly pre-orders that can be picked up on Saturdays from their bakery window.

Congratulations, Kerry! Well-deserved!

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