Get out of the water order at Truro Beach today! Better yet close this beach down for good! is reporting that an “out of the water” order was given after a Great White Shark sighting in our area.  The Cape Cod beach, Head of the Meadow in Truro, was closed for more than an hour.

This isn’t the first sighting at Head of the Meadow beach in Truro.  The beach has been closed for more than an hour as of 11:30 am Wednesday.

It appears that this latest shark news is one of the benefits of having the Sharktivity app that I have mentioned before.

According to, the app put out by the Atlantic Great White Conservancy is helping track Great White shark activity, especially in our area.  Even if you don’t go swimming at the beach, take a look at the app and it’s fun to keep track of where and what these stunning predators of the sea are up to.

Please take caution when swimming off Cape Cod.  This appears to be the summer of the shark.

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