Nor'Easter Quinn rolled through Maine this week dropping some serious snow totals on a lot of communities. Beyond just the amazing amount of snow, it was also the heaviness of the that has caused some longer lasting effects. Couple with some impressive wind gusts, Quinn left many CMP customers in the dark. CMP has been working hard to restore power to everyone statewide, but a few people that visited their website to get updates, got an eye-opening shock.

Reddit via PM-me-Nickels
Reddit via PM-me-Nickels

Shared on Reddit by PM-me-Nickels, the CMP website promised some customers in the North Berwick area of Maine that their power would be restored as soon as 2068. That's right kids, a whole 50 years from now! Time to run out to your local hardware store and pick up a generator stat!

To be fair to CMP, this was simply a small update glitch, likely some human error imputing dates as the company scrambles to repair downed lines and restore service. But for those that stared at it for a couple moments, life started to look like it might return to the dark ages.

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