Like many people, I was skeptical. But, umm, this looks like it could be pretty good.

As for the skepticism, for me it was mostly about the concept. Superman fighting Batman? That just sounds sort of... dumb. I was one of the few on board with Ben Affleck as Batman. I know the Daredevil movie was pretty terrible, but he truly was miscast in that role. Bruce Wayne and Batman seem a better fit.

Nobody has a problem with Henry Cavill as Superman, who turned in a solid performance in the otherwise meh film that was Superman: Man of Steel. Batman v Superman is spinoff from that particular franchise so there didn't really seem to be need for excitement. Maybe there should be though... I mean, even a Wonder Woman that looks legit!

It it transparent that this is the first in a series that will lead to a Justice League film, DC Comics' response to Marvel's Avengers. I enjoyed watching the Superfriends on Saturday mornings as a kid but I've nary had nostalgia driven "that needs to be a movie" thought about it. This trailer makes me feel like maybe I should have and that itself is a feat.


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