The Federal Hotel

What once was a private home for a sea captain and his daughter is now a revived 19th century boutique hotel in the heart of Brunswick, Maine.

The Federal is a new chic boutique hotel that still holds on to its historic charm. The modern space blends in with the history of the 19th century inn through vintage furniture and timeless colors.

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Maine has many beautiful, quaint, and extravagant hotels in the state, but The Federal has its own character and unique touches that make it a home away from home. Each room is delicately designed with its own look and feel, with different paintings, furniture, textures, and even different bed frames in each space.

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Each guest room and suite genuinely looks like a room straight out of a comfortable home and less like a sterile space, which makes this hotel stand out from the others. The vintage furniture, nautical themes, and timeless navy blues and gray color schemes are welcoming and comfortable.

Be The First to Check In

The newly revived hotel just opened up three days ago on March 6, and is ready to take in their first new guests. The nightly prices are comparable to those around Portland and significantly less than the prices we were seeing around town over the summer.

The space comes with the usual hotel amenities but also offers a yoga and stretching room, is pet friendly (wooh!) and seasonal complementary bikes that are smart, convenient, and adorable.

Brunswick, Maine

Sitting right in the heart of Brunswick, you’ll have plenty to do on your complementary bike. The walkable streets and downtown area have a lot to offer for your stay.

The downtown area is quaint, walkable, and lively. Spend the day engaging in many of Brunswick’s outdoor activities and scenic walks, or visit one of the many restaurants, unique retail shops, diverse restaurants, museums, parks, or stop in somewhere for a beer.

You’re also conveniently located near many highly visited spots on the coast, the tourist favorite of Freeport, and a short drive away from Portland. Not a bad way to spend a weekend in Maine!

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