A May nor'easter is making its way to our region and with it, comes the chance of a snowstorm! Yup, you read that right! Snow in the middle of May! Welcome to New England.

As a matter of fact, some western areas of Massachusetts saw some snow on Mother's Day.

The weather system is expected to reach New England tonight into Tuesday and will bring with it a cold rain and maybe even the possibiity of some wet snow in some areas of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel shows where most of the snowfall will be:

Several forecasts are saying most of the wet snow will be seen in higher elevations of New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. But still, it's kind of depressing to talk about snowfall in mid-May!

And this my friends is the reason that many New Englanders ALWAYS keep a snowbrush in their vehicle year-round! Happy Spring, everybody!

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