Bertucci's is one of those New England restaurants that the whole world is missing out on, but I kind of like that it's only found in New England.

It is one of our chains that feels local and special to us. The first shop opened in 1981 after a young entrepreneur and ice cream shop owner, Joey Crugnale, visited his grandmother’s home in Italy, according to the website.

He was inspired to bring Italy to Davis Square in Somerville, MA, the first of 26 Massachusetts Bertucci's locations.

It makes me feel like we are holding back a secret from the rest of the world. Oh, and I am totally glancing over the fact that it is delicious Italian food.

I mean, look at this pizza.

Bertucci's is celebrating their 40th birthday by giving its guests a 1980s menu.

What is so special about the menu? Well, its contents come with the same price tag as they would in 1980.

The 1980s menu, available on their website, includes 11-inch cheese pizzas for $5.25, rigatoni, broccoli and chicken for $6.95, and chocolate chip cannoli's for $2.25.

Want more?

If you are a calzone person, much like myself, the ricotta calzone is only $5.25! That is bonkers. What an incredible and cool tribute to the past.

There are only four days to enjoy these prices, because it is certainly not the 1980s everywhere else. Despite inflation and costs rising, I think even the four day tribute is generous and really creative.

See below for the 1980s menu dates:

Day One: Wednesday, July 6

Day Two: Thursday, July 7

Day Three: Wednesday, July 13

Day Four (last chance): Thursday, July 14

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