Now is the time to Hit up the Blood Drive

Now more than ever, blood is in short supply in New Hampshire, according to reporting by

You may wonder why there is a blood shortage now after the pandemic.  That’s a very good question.  Many elective surgeries were postponed do the pandemic and other surgeries such as organ transplants are on the rise.

Due to pandemic restrictions, there was a shortfall in donations, and the Red Cross is seeking your help, the news station stated.

How you Can Help

The most urgent need is for Type O+ and Type O-, according to the news station.

Stephanie Couturier of the Red Cross tells, “There is a lot of trauma cases and organ transplants as well, that is on the rise and that is depleting our blood supply. Hospitals are working together to share the supply that they have but the levels are critically low.  You can contact your local Red Cross chapter to find a blood drive in your area to help get the blood supply up for residents in our area hospitals."

The Red Cross Location in Manchester is a fixed Location Site

If you are looking for a place to donate, the Red Cross has a fixed location in Manchester that not only processes blood donations but also platelet donations which are just as important, the news station reported.

As the number of patients with COVID being admitted, the rise in other admission has gone up.  Many people delayed routine health screenings and are now in urgent need of surgery.  Step up and be a hero.  Donate blood today.

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