My wife and I got to see the Brett Eldredge “Glow” show at the Wang Theatre.

We were “glown” away!! (See what I did there?)

Brett crushed it, and sounded great. All the standard songs with some a little jazzed up but were awesome.

I know that Michael Buble has been that guy over the years, but I’m telling you that Brett Eldredge is better.

He wore this crushed red velvet jacket and bowtie, plus the big band and the atmosphere was all amazing!

Sammy Cruise

Check out the videos of a few of my favorite Christmas songs. The guy can just sing.

He needed NO instruments or anything on Noel. He also jazzes up The Christmas Song a bit too.

So what does Brett Eldredge serve backstage for his guests? You can see in the pic that it’s called the Parisian. It’s Whiskey, Lemmon Juice, Maple Syrup and Apple Cider.

We weren’t driving so I had about 4. Ha!


Sammy Cruise
Sammy Cruise