No, the summit of Mt. Washington isn't considered a town.

Detroit Deals With Heavy Snow And Bitter Cold

USA Today recently released a list of "coldest towns in every state." You know, the kind of article that all your snarky friends who are all of a sudden in Florida again LOVE to share. Yeah, thanks. We now know to avoid Milton if we want warm time in the sun. Their idea of cold is 53.2 degrees for an average low temperature. Oh, and during January, the coldest month, it gets down to a bone chilling 36 degrees. Cool story guys. Thanks for playing.

In New Hampshire, we know cold. Mountain peaks aside, there is one town which stands out as the coldest in the Granite State. With an average low temperature of 28.0 degrees, an
average low temperature during coldest month of January at -0.5 degrees, and the average number of days that reach 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below clocking in at 196.


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