The first cannabis-infused soda hit the shelves in Massachusetts. The soda, for sale by The Commonwealth Cannabis Company on Friday, is called SIP. According to the soda is now on sale in limited batches and can be picked up at CommCan’s adult-use retail store at 1525 Main Street on Millis.

In a news release, The Commonwealth Cannabis Company said, “With five milligrams of THC distillate in each beverage, consumers can expect to feel the mild effect of the beverage within 10-30 minutes.” SIP is an all-natural, vegan, gluten-free lemon soda made with real cane sugar, lemon juice, and THC distillate.

The Commonwealth Cannabis Company is making the drink in Medway, Massachusetts. 7NewsBoston is reporting that the launch of the beverage began last Friday. No word on how fast it is selling or what drinkers of the beverage have to say about it yet. Things around Mills, Massachusetts are sure about to get interesting, that is for sure.


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