I think practically everyone I know has at least one pair of flip flops. But, did you know there are some hidden dangers of wearing them?

Millions of people wear them everyday. Some may even wear them year round. However, some say flip flops are the  most dangerous types of shoes you can wear. 

Health experts report flip flops can cause severe foot problems because of the lack of support they give your feet.

I know first-hand how dangerous flip flops can be. A few years back I dislocated my foot after tripping on a garden hose while wearing flip flops. Plus, footwear like that really hurts my back if I'm in them for too long. I need shoes that have a little more stability to them.

According to Everday Health, it’s not only foot problems you might have to worry about. Believer it or not, hip, knee and back injuries can be caused by slipping them on.

In any case, enjoy the beautiful weather today and celebrate 'National Flip Flop Day!'

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