Eating bananas before peeling. Gross, right? Well, step into 2018, and channel your inner Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl. There's an entirely new way to enjoy nature's candy bar.




What the? Yes, "The Mongee" has come to (pardon the pun) fruition. According to, these special bananas are grown using an extreme freezing and thawing process. Usually, Normal they are grown at around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, Mongees are deep frozen at negative 76 degrees. They’re then thawed and replanted. From there, they grow rapidly, and end up with a peel that you could liken to lettuce.

Okay, the important question: How does it actually taste? According to the article, journalists have reported a very tropical flavor, like that of a pineapple. To me, pineapple is always going to win the rock paper scissors of banana and pineapple. This is great news.

Now for the letdown. They are not currently available. However, there's hope. In the Chowhound article, D&T Farm spokesperson Tetsuya Tanaka claims that they’re considering exporting the fruit to the United States, but it could take a while. Oh, and the price. Joke about "Whole Paycheck" all you want, but these super-bananas are going to run you $5.75 a PIECE! For now, we're stuck with manual transmission equivalent.

First tear-less onions, and now edible banana peels? Who says 2018 doesn't have the lazy foodie moving forward?

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