This guy didn't do anything huge like save someone's life. But the story's going viral because little acts of kindness matter too. He's a city bus driver was in the middle of his route this week when he saw a young girl standing in the road all alone ¦and she was visibly upset.

It turned out she'd missed the bus to her first day of school, because she was on the wrong side of the road when it went by. And she was freaking out because she didn't want to walk in late on her first day. If you have kids you know the first day is tough enough, and you don't want to give other kids any reason to pick on you.

The bus driver told her he'd make sure she got there on time. So he called a taxi, and he paid for it. The whole thing took about 10 minutes. But that put his route behind schedule. Afterward, he apologized to all his passengers who had to wait. A mom who was on the bus with her kids says it was well worth the wait, and he did the right thing.


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