You may have had to turn on your heat, but likely didn't have this type of winter weather yesterday.

Weather in month of June has become an easy topic starter, conversation-wise. Friday night, I fought off repeated requests to "just put in the AC already!" Knowing that the humid streak would be over 24-36 hours later (and admittedly in weekend lazy mode), I figured it would be forgotten by Sunday. I was right, but...

What a drop.

Back in the closet for a jacket on Monday AM, we were all in for a rude, damp awakening. Here on the seacoast, we dealt with a cold spring rain which wouldn't be out of place in May. However, up on Mt. Washington, it almost snowed! That's right, June 4th...snow. Temps dove below the freezing mark, and the precipitation could've easily switched from freezing rain to an all white affair.

Just as the lawn was starting to look good, we almost received a coat of mother nature's frosting.


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