Though I consider myself an active person, I am by no means an athlete. However, when it comes to mini golf I consider myself olympic grade.

According to, Chuckster's in Chichester has 12,000 square feet of mini golf magic and 9 water obstacles!

Their claim to fame is hole 13 as it is the longest mini golf hole in the world. It's 201 feet long so even with my skills and technique, I don't think I could sink a hole-in-one on that bad boy.

If mini golf isn't really your scene there are TONS of other activities that will keep you occupied at Chuckster's. Such as riding go carts at Chuckster's Speedway, you speed demon you!

They also have a climbing wall!

and something called a "Jumpster" which allows you to jump and spin 18 feet in the air like some kind of acrobat.

Bring the whole fam to Chucksters Family Fun Park this Summer! There is something for everyone. :)

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