It’s a risky choice for any advertiser.  I mean, you want to save your best ad to run during the big day when millions are watching the Super Bowl, but T-Mobile has a different strategy. reports that the funniest spot just may be the one from T-Mobile featuring Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

My wife only watches the Super Bowl for the commercials, and she is not alone.  The viewership for game day is huge.

I guess T-Mobile made the decision to release their commercial early to make it go viral and possibly hit even more views.  The spot was first aired on NBC Sports Boston.

T-Mobile also released the spot in a tweet that said “This ad will not air on Sunday.  Why was it banned? #TheGOATin5G” according to reporting from

The commercial features Brady and Gronk in a face time call where Gronk is on a golf course and Brady seeking retirement advice.  Because of a bad signal and the call breaking up, Gronk’s originally intended advice is hilariously misinterpreted by Brady.

Even if you are not a Brady or Gronk fan, you can’t deny the T-Mobile spot is funny and could have maybe even happened.

I’m pretty sure most of you watched Super Bowl LV.  What was your favorite commercial of the day?  Did the game live up to the hype?  Tens of millions watched the game so I think those advertising dollars were well spent.  I, as a fan, am just grateful for all the hard work of the teams and players to bring us a Super Bowl this year.  I didn’t think it could happen but I am so happy it did. Go, Tommy!

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