When I was a little kid, I always ate ketchup on my hot dog. Heck, back then I put ketchup on everything from mac-n-cheese to chicken nuggets. But somewhere on my path to adulthood, my tastes changed and ketchup was a condiment used only for french fries and a burger. I'd certainly never be caught eating it on a hot dog.

While I don't eat a lot of hot dogs, when I do the only condiment that's a "must have" is mustard. If I wanna get fancy I may throw on some sweet relish. But ketchup? UGH! Never!

However, not everyone in New Hampshire and Maine agree with me. Take a look at what people think about ketchup on their hot dog.

While there doesn't seem to be just one way to eat a hot dog...one thing's for sure...whether they eat them with just mustard or ketchup, plain, or some sort of combo...people in New England are passionate about their wieners!

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