It's no secret I love ice cream. Toasted coconut ice cream from Cowlicks in Dover, NH is my favorite. A close second would be Reese's Overload at Shaker Pond in Alfred, ME.

ice cream

And I like my ice cream on a cone...sugar cone, waffle cone, or a plain doesn't matter to me. Just don't serve it to me in a dish...unless I'm at home and scooping it out of a carton. Am I a little particular about my ice cream? Perhaps. But from what I can gather...most people like it either on a cone or in a dish. Of course there are always those that want it both ways. So I'm not the only one that likes their ice cream a particular way, as you can tell from this morning's conversation on Facebook.

I have to agree with that last comment! Well no matter how you eat your ice cream...just enjoy it. It's going to be a long hot summer and nothing tops ice cream to beat the heat.

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