Aliens and UFOs have landed in Exeter! Well, sort of.

Check out online to fill yourself in on all the details of the Exeter UFO Festival, which runs from Saturday, August 31, to Sunday, September 1.

According to the festival’s website, this Labor Day will be the 54th anniversary of “The Incident at Exeter.”

Some may recall the story of young Norman Muscarello who reported to police that he spotted an object "hovering" behind his barn. There is something to the story because the police that responded to Norman’s call reportedly saw it also.

The Festival could be a  fun, educational experience for all, whether you are a believer in UFOs and aliens or not.  There will be activities for the kids at Town House Common Park from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday and Sunday, and speakers will be featured at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Exeter for just a $10 in-person cash admission fee.

Those speakers include Peter Robbins, an investigative writer; Ronny LeBlanc, author of “Monsterland” and star of the new hit show “In Search of Monsters” on the Travel Channel; Kathleen Marden, a leading UFO researcher; and Jim Wiener and Charlie Foltz, who have very unusual stories to tell about possible alien abduction and near-death experiences.

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