I admit it...I have a few pet peeves. OK, maybe more than a few. But finding an empty toilet paper dispenser has to be my biggest bathroom pet peeve.

When you live with a teenager you just come to expect to see things like this on a regular basis. But this photo was taken at work. Last I checked, everyone here is an adult!

Bill Fox/Townsquare Media
Bill Fox/Townsquare Media

Now before you say, "Was there anymore toilet paper in the bathroom?" Yes, there was. And I'm sure you'll ask, "Did you replace it?" The answer to that question is No! No I did not. My first instinct, after my initial scoff, was "This will make an awesome blog post." So I quickly ran to get my phone, take a picture, and sit down at my laptop and write what you are reading right now.

And if someone asks me why I didn't change it after completing this post, I'm going ot use the excuse my kids always use. I forgot!

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