Last year's "Pat's Win, You Win" free coffee promotion is dead.

Sad news for Dunkin Donuts fans across New England as the mandatory morning routine chain announced that they would no longer be giving out free coffee the day after a Patriots victory this season.

Apparently last year's 2.25 million free coffees was too much for the company. That was only after 12 regular season wins for the Patriots, and one extra post-season game. Can you imagine what it would have been like in 2014 if they did it?

New England Patriots and coffee fans can look at it two ways:

1. No more free coffee, which sucks.


2. Dunks has so much faith in Jimmy G, that they just cannot operate as a company giving away that much free coffee. They would go bankrupt.

And it's not really that bad. Although there is no free coffee, as a DD Perks member you can buy a medium hot or iced coffee for $.87 following a Patriots win. That's basically free.

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