NASA’s rover, Curiosity, has discovered more evidence of ancient alien life on the surface of Mars.

More evidence for alien life on Mars was just discovered by NASA’s rover, Curiosity.

Dr. Nora Noffke, a Geobiologist who has spent 20 years studying microbial structures, told The Huffington Post:

"We can detect sedimentary structures in rocks on Mars using the rover images… The structures I describe belong to a group of microbial structures that form by the interaction of benthic (living on the ground) microbes with sediment dynamics (erosion) in clastic deposits such as sand."

The photos were taken by Curiosity on a dry lakebed called Gillespie Lake in Yellowknife Bay on Mars. The lake has been dried out for approximately 3.7 billion years. The microbial evidence from this lake has been reported to be similar to that of Earth.

In addition to this, spikes of methane were recently discovered in Mars’ atmosphere just weeks prior to this.

Although Ancient Martian life is currently unproven, these microbial structures along with the spikes in methane adds up to a lot of evidence and thus greatly advances the search for the truth.