There's no shortage of places to stay throughout the state of Maine. Coastal cities and towns are filled with gorgeous bed and breakfasts and resorts. From rustic barns to homey inns to glamping on top of glamping, you can find it all in Maine. But for many, they're looking for a hideaway mixed with pure luxury. Can that be found without visiting a resort in Maine?

Sure, if you're willing to visit the mountains of Maine, where you'll be surrounded by cottages and hotels, especially in the ski areas. There are a handful of places where you can take it up a notch and experience what the life of grandeur is like, including a ridiculous mountainside mansion available to rent on AirBnB in Newry.


The Glen House has entertained guests for years now, and based on the reviews left on AirBnB, the posh mansion lives up to the hype. Out of six rated categories, the Glen House has the maximum 5.0 rating in five of them. For the record, they have a 4.9 in the sixth and final category.

So what makes the Glen House so incredibly attractive? What it offers people who truly want to escape. Many groups, whether they're family or friends, tend to search other states and countries to find that perfect getaway. Perhaps you didn't even realize there was one in your backyard. Peek inside the Glen House and a see a snapshot of what is waiting if you're ready and willing to shell out the bucks.

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