Portsmouth clipper's Tavern fb
Portsmouth clipper's Tavern fb


Looking For a New Hometown Restaurant?

Are you looking for a new place to call home?  Check out the Portsmouth Clipper Tavern for a real hometown feel.

If you know me, you know I am always looking for new spots to eat.  I love restaurants and the pandemic has me expanding my wings and trying all sorts of new places.

The Clipper Tavern’s walls are covered with articles about local sports teams and the continuing adventures of Portsmouth High School graduates, according to unionleader.com.

You get to know a lot about the local sports scene while dining and having a brew.

Where is the Clipper Tavern Located?

Right in the heart of Portsmouth just off Market Square.  If you enjoy dining outside this is the perfect spot.  With a large outdoor seating area, there is plenty of room to enjoy the great outdoors while grabbing a brew.

Classic Pub Food

If you are looking for some classic pub food, the Clipper Tavern is a great spot.  Traditional burgers and appetizers with some salads on the menu for those looking to eat a bit healthy, the news site repotes.

Not that burgers aren’t healthy, I need a good dose of red meat, especially after visiting my vegan daughter.  If you aren’t looking for a crowd of tourists, unionleader.com rates this a nice choice.

If you need a lobster roll, of course, you can grab one at the Clipper Tavern.

Next time I am over in Portsmouth I am thinking of trying to stop in and pick up a lobster roll.

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