One thing Portland doesn’t lack is creative and talented people.

Our city is bustling with gifted artisans, musicians, and craftsmen that turn our brick city into a colorful, vibrant, and lively place to be. From live music to art walks, we always have something going on for people who have an eye for art.

Portland is filled with beautiful art that takes a boring wall, utility box, or bus stop and turns it into an eye-catching piece of engaging work that brightens up our daily lives even as we just walk to work. An incredible example of this is a local muralist who turned our ugly utility boxes into texturized, colorful city ornaments.

Another lovely example of this is our new colorful bus stop on Congress Street

Local Artist Creates Beautiful Bus Stop on Congress Street in Portland, Maine

One of our newest art installations is a colorful bus shelter on Congress Street here in Portland. Portland Downtown posted on Facebook the newly revamped bus stop with art created by Titi de Baccarat.

This is another simple yet impactful way to breathe life into our city and ensure every corner we take, path we walk, and scene we encounter has a unique and colorful touch of the creativity that lives within our city. It’s truly the little things that make the largest impressions.

Portland Downtown

You may notice Portland Downtown getting posted on friends’ social media posts or seeing their content popping up on your feeds. The organization is a non-profit set in place to improve our city. As their Facebook shares, “Portland Downtown stimulates a vibrant, thriving, and sustainable downtown community.”

The organization keeps us in the loop for what’s happening around town like maker’s markets, beautiful photography of our city, when new bike shares get rolled out, and stunning art like this bus stop and colorful sidewalks.

Mostly, it contributes to and shares what’s beneficial to us locals and our community; things that are creative, sustainable, and positively impact the citizens.

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