Some customers of Comcast will see download speeds skyrocket 60% faster.

Closeup hand holding smartphone with free WiFi hotspot on screen

Multiple gamers in the house bringing down the experience? Or, while you're hard at work on a project, files won't download as quickly because someone is hogging up bandwidth with Fortnite?

If you're a customer of Comcast in the Granite State, that's about to change.

According to the Union Leader, Comcast has announced plans to ramp up speeds for Xfinity residential internet customers in New Hampshire and 13 other states in its Northeast Division. The newspaper reports that some customers will see an increase of 20%, but others could see speeds up to 60% faster, and about 85% of their internet customers in the upgraded region subscribe to the tiers that have been boosted, per a release Comcast released last week.

“Modern homes require fast internet, wall-to-wall WiFi, and a way to manage the connectivity needs of the entire household,” said Kevin Casey, president of Comcast’s Northeast Division, in the Union Leader.

The news comes a few weeks ahead of the holidays, where you may have a ton of people over. After a hearty "good to seeeee youuuu," you know the next question will inevitably be "what's the Wi-Fi password?"

You're opening your home, now open your Wi-Fi! With these new speeds, things will be much smoother.


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