I realize that the ocean is a place for sharks to roam free, but it seems like they are coming in closer and closer to shore.

Another great white shark sighting happened yesterday. This time it was at Wells Beach in Maine.

According to WMTW New Channel 8, beachgoers were told not to go in the water above their knees after reports of seeing fins in the water. This happened around noon.

WBZ 4 also reported on it:

Lifeguards had planned to go out on jet skis to investigate when they got a call from the Harbor Master that the fins did, in fact, belong to a Great White shark.  Channel 8 reports that the shark was about nine feet long.

While it's not unusual for sharks to be in the waters, it's especially concerning because of the death of a New York woman last month while she was swimming off Bailey Island. It was the first confirmed fatality in the state of Maine by a great white, according to WMTW.

The most current sighting has the Town of Wells posting on their Facebook page:

Wells, Maine Police Department also posted a warning:

So, if you're headed to the beach this weekend, take extra precautions. Even areas close to the shore could still be dangerous!


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