One of my all-time favorite Christmas movies has be National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, starring Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold. One of the greatest scenes has to be when Clark decorates the outside of his house for the holidays.

A real-life guy was channeling his inner Clark a few days ago while his 8-year-old son held the ladder. Then in the middle of it, he realized that probably wasn’t the best idea he’d ever had. So he started to climb down, but the ladder slid out from under him, and he fell about eight feet. He ended up with a broken leg and dislocated ankle…needed two surgeries…and he'll be laid up for the holidays. So he won't be hanging any more lights this year.

But the lights on his house are up now. Because after he got loaded into an ambulance, a bunch of firefighters stuck around, and they finished the job for him. His wife took a picture of the firemen hanging them. By the way…he used the same ladder, but had an adult there to hold it instead of an 8-year-old.

The firemen say they did it to cheer up this guy’s kids. And they also didn't want him to come home from the hospital with the job half-done.

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