Tim McGraw is celebrating his 48th birthday today and in lieu of cake and a card, we've compiled the songs of his you guys request the most. Here's something you should know about requests we get here at the radio station: if they aren't for a new song, they tend to lean heavily towards the sappy and sad. That said, onto the completely unscientific list!


NUMBER 5:  Don't Take the Girl

Hard to believe, but his first number one hit was released nearly 21 years ago. If you see it at the bar, buy it a drink: it'll be the one sobbing in the corner


NUMBER 4: Live Like You Were Dying

I'm so impressed by this one. I honestly can't think of another song that combines terminal illness and unrelenting optimism quite like this.


NUMBER 3: My Little Girl

If you're looking for a Father-Daughter suggestion, here it is. You can just stop looking right now. We also get an influx of calls for this one around Father's Day too.


NUMBER 2: Something Like That

This song a lot, as evidenced by being number two on the list, but the title escapes most. Don't worry, if you call and ask us to play the BBQ Stain song we'll know what you mean.


NUMBER 1: My Best Friend

Fitting for so many occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Arbor Day. The third single from Tim's 1999 album, A Place in the Sun, is number one in your heart!