In the little town of Andover in Oxford County, is a neat little cave that is not well known.

But Chris Lee knows this secret hideaway. It's more visited in the summer as a place to cool off with waterfalls and a swimming hole.

But if you are an adventurous type, winter is just beautiful. Chris really captured how gorgeous the Devil's Den really is.


According to Only In Your State - it's only a stone's throw away from the Silver Ripple Cascade.

Chris says they call this place 'the poor man's Ice Castles'.

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Chris says it's not a very long walk and it's packed down snow, because it's also a snowmobile trail.

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Want to find the cave? Find the waterfall first and there it is!

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Only In Your State has directions:

Take ME 120 east for about half a mile. You'll cross the bridge over the Ellis River before turning left onto South Arm Road. Continue on South Arm Road heading north for about 2.5 miles and then take a left where the road forks. Continue on South Arm Road for about 2 more miles before taking a left onto a dirt road with no signs. In your Maine Gazetteer, this road be included as Devil's Den Road. Next, head a bit further east on Devil's Den Road and you'll come to the bridge over Black Brook. Park on the right before crossing this bridge. The falls begin about 30 feet down from this bridge and Devil's Den Cave is right there.

If you want to take a little trip up to Andover, it's so worth it. Thanks for sharing Chris!

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