We are excited that Hidden Pond Equine Rescue in Brentwood, NH is one of our Year of Service Partners this year.

This is an incredible organization that cares for horses that have been mistreated or neglected, or are about to be slaughtered.

Even though horse slaughter is illegal in the US, over 50,000 US horses are shipped over our borders to slaughterhouses in Canada, Mexico, and Asia.

Phyllis Elliott founded Hidden Pond Equine Rescue in 2014 and has been working tirelessly with her staff and volunteers to provide and care for these horses.

Hidden Pond Equine Rescue

This is where you can help!   Any donation to help the horses would be greatly appreciated.  Each horse costs about $14 a day to care for and money is needed to buy hay for the winter.

Edie, from Hidden Ponds, says that "because of the drought in the Northeast this year, hay yields are way down. So barns have to look far and wide to find good hay, and of course the prices are higher than normal. Phyllis Elliott, the founder of Hidden Pond Farm Equine Rescue, estimates it will cost at least $4000/month for hay from now until spring."

They are also trying to build a new shelter for the horses out in the field as the colder weather moves in.

Hidden Pond Equine Rescue
You can also help by purchasing something from their supply wish list  (scroll to the bottom to see the list.)
I've had horses since I was a kid and couldn't love them more. Anything you can do to help this great organization is so appreciated!

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