Seeing as I'm new to the area, but loving it, I've been looking in to all the fun things I can do in New England.

And there's a lot.

I’ve been getting a ton of ideas of what it is I HAVE to see or do, so I created a list of stuff I want to do now that I'm here. (Bet you've done a bunch of these).

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I used to years and years ago. I want to get back into it. You know, hit up the fresh powder. And there's a bunch of places to go in New England. There's Bretton Woods in New Hampshire, and Sugarloaf in Maine. Smuggler's Notch in Vermont is said to be pretty good, too.


Go to the top of Mount Washington

Everyone knows the name of this spot in New Hampshire. My family wants to take the train to the top. Though, I've heard it gets pretty cold up there...

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Gillette Stadium or Fenway

Patriots or Red Sox? Either way, taking in a game at either home spot will be amazing. I'm already planning some trips there. Now what snacks should I get while I'm at the stadium or park?


Lobster in Maine

Look, I know it's stereotypical, but I gotta try it. But do I go for the lobster roll or the straight-up lobster? Decisions, decisions.


Use a Snowblower

Yup, I hear I’m gonna get to experience that for sure. It seems it likes to snow here. A lot.


See a White Christmas with My Family

So I'll have to use a snowblower at some point, but I'm so excited to see Christmas with all the snow. Having lived out of state where that's just not really the case, it will be a fantastic moment when me and the family take a look outside to see the white stuff coming down. What a way to make Christmas even better.