The folks at NH Magazine put out their list of cool places to see holiday lights, and it got me thinking. This is a thing I’ve done for as long as I can remember.

My family now likes to drive around looking at the lights, and we'd do it on Christmas Eve. Even my parents would drive us around when I was younger, looking for the sleigh in the sky, but in the meantime, we’d see amazing lights.

Growing up in Dallas our street was a cool street to drive on for lights. Oh…and MANY times over the years as kids, we saw the sleigh!

One of the big ones from the NH Magazine list I want to check out is the Gift of Lights at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

It is something we are totally gonna check out. And after seeing this video, I’m in!!

That made me want to do a little research and find some other spots. So here’s some more places I found I want to check out.

This display in Windham? This looks cool. It’s not that far and to see it in person is gonna be awesome. The video may be from 2010, but I hear they set up this display every year.

There’s a Bethlehem, NH!! Sorry, we’re new, so we will get excited about stuff like that. Check out the video below of the lights there.

These lights are in Pelham, NH. There’s some amazing lights here. The video is from 2018, but in the comments of it they mentioned adding some new stuff this year!

What light displays should I check out? Do you have a favorite?

Either way, these four videos of light displays throughout the years are simply incredible. And I can't wait to check out the 2019 versions of them!

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