It feels like a part of my childhood has died. For years, Sears was the place to go for everything in my house. My parents purchased our washer and dryer from Sears. When our lawn mower decided to stop running one summer...and I thought I might get a Saturday afternoon dad went to Sears to buy another one. And when it was time for school clothes...yup, my mom took me to Sears. Who else can remember wearing Toughskins jeans?

Sadly, Sears announced yesterday they will by closing 72 stores across the country, starting in September. Here in New England, it looks as if we dodged the bullet, except for a couple of stores.

According to CNBC, none of the New Hampshire or Maine stores will shut down. It's a different story in Massachusetts. The article on CNBC's website says, Sears will shut down stores in Peabody and Springfield.

So long Toughskins.


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