What do Tracy Byrd and Kevin Millar have in common?  I'll tell you in a minute.

I hadn't spoken to Tracy Byrd since the late 1990s, but he was as friendly and gracious as ever, and we chatted like old friends.

Tracy Byrd is playing Bernie's Beach Bar on Wednesday, August 17, and you can bet he'll play his mega hits like "The Keeper of the Stars", "Watermelon Crawl", "Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo", "Holdin' Heaven" and "I'm From the Country", as well as many others.

Byrd is a multi-platinum artist who hails from Beaumont, Texas and has toured worldwide, but has not been back to New Hampshire since the late '90s.

What does he think of Bernie's Beach Bar?  Tracy says, " I looked at it online and it looks like a great, great venue.  We can't wait to play there."

He says playing the smaller venues is as much fun as it's ever been. "That's were we all are, the artists from the 90's like me, and (Tracy) Lawrence, and (Mark) Chesnutt, and Clay Walker.  And we talk about how amazing it is our era of music is as popular now as it was in the prime."

"We're soaking it in and having a ball", says Byrd with a grateful chuckle.

I shared a memory with Tracy from 2004.  One of his best buddies is Kevin Millar of the 2004 World Champion Red Sox .  I was working at a country station in Boston, and Tracy brought along Millar to the radio station.   Millar was quite the character, and we had fun making Kevin Millar a regular visitor.

One time it was Millar's birthday, so the station had a giant baseball cake custom made with his #15 in the center.  Tracy Byrd brought him in the studio and we surprised him on the air with the cake.

Millar was instrumental in keeping up the '04 team spirit with his "Cowboy Up" mantra which started in 2003. Of course, we know how 2004 turned out.

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So, here's my theory.  Tracy Byrd was good luck to the Red Sox in 2004.  Maybe he can help them get a wild card spot this year by visiting New England this week. Either way, the Tracy Byrd show at Bernie's Beach Bar in Hampton Beach on Wednesday, August 17, is going to be a whole lot of fun.

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