If you saw a gigantic rattlesnake in someone's yard, would you try to catch it with a trashcan? According to WMUR-TV, The DeJong brothers did just that, AND succeeded!

With only a pool cleaning basket and a trashcan, the DeJong brothers of Hooksett, NH captured a venomous 5 foot Timber Rattlesnake with very little difficulty.

When I was a kid, I was told that the 'timbah rattlah' was a very rare and very poisonous species of snake and come to find out, only half of that statement is true.

They are very populous throughout the Southeastern United States. New Hampshire just happens to be the furthest Northeast point that they've been found.

It IS one of the most dangerous snakes because of it's venom yield per bite and length of fangs.

Thankfully neither the humans nor the snake were harmed by this incident.

NH Fish and Game always requests that you call their office for removal of any wild creature and I've added the comprehensive link for this procedure right here.

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