Even after being cornered, residents of Arlington and Winchester were told to keep their pets indoors.

Early Friday morning, news circulated throughout many outlets that a bear was on the loose in suburban Boston. While it's become a nearly weekly occurrence for central and southern Maine and New Hampshire, it's still a rarity in this densely populated area of the Commonwealth.

First reported by NECN, officials in the Arlington area received multiple calls about a bear roaming the neighborhood. Apparently, the animal was on quite the tour, as he was spotted crossing a soccer field right around the time students were arriving at school.From there, the bear wandered through multiple residential neighborhoods. Police called in the Environmental Protection Agency for assistance in locating the animal. Eventually, The bear was finally found on top of a tree in the back of a home on Pawnee Drive.

Around 10:30, the bear climbed down from the tree and hid in a bush. he bear finally climbed down from the tree around 10:30 a.m. According to NECN.com, environmental police transported him to a wooded area off Interstate 495.

In case there are more in the area, officials are warning residents to cover trash, and keep pets inside.

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