(Dover, NH) - It was a great weekend to get outside and do some much needed yard work, but man oh man,  there were a lot of ticks around!

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I was up early Saturday, looking forward to getting some sun and getting started on the backyard. After a short time, I found my first tick crawling on my leg. After a quick tick check, it was back to long sleeves and long pants and back to work.

A second tick check found several more of those little buggers climbing on my leg. They were quickly removed and disposed of, thanks to a mini flame thrower now kept close by just for such occasions.

My buddy and co-worker Dave Winsor raises chickens that eat the ticks in his yard. Unfortunately, my dogs inhabit my backyard. They don't eat ticks, but they may eat chickens.

My dogs also got tick checks every time they ventured outside, and sure enough, we found several on them. It's time for me to order the Frontline!


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