There I was in a Dunkin' line. My typical weekend routine.


What wasn't typical at all is when I went to pay, I was told, 'You're all set.'

Wait, what? Yup, apparently the Falmouth police officer, who was four cars ahead of me, started a pay it forward at the Dunkin' on Route One in Falmouth! I LOVE THIS! That's what I screamed at the guy in the window. Poor guy.

Anyway, the driver in front of me had a hefty bill. I had gotten 4 bagels and a large coffee! Actually, not that bad thanks to the Dunkin' GO2s. But, still...not your normal order. I couldn't wait to pay for the guy behind me! To be honest, I didn't even look to see what it was. I have since looked - not bad, like 9 bucks.

That gesture made my day! But who was this mystery man of law enforcement? I called to find out!

It's Detective Matt Yeaton. A detective since May of 2019!

Falmouth Maine Police Dept Facebook
Falmouth Maine Police Dept Facebook

Thanks, Detective Yeaton! I think he may have been one of the officers that came to the house after someone stole stuff from my car and garage. I can't be sure, it was early and I was about to be late for work. But double thanks for that Detective...if it was you.

But I know it was Detective Yeaton who started the chain of kindness on a Saturday morning at Dunkin'. I know, because I called the department. When I prefaced my oddball question to the very nice lady who answered the phone with, 'This is gonna be weird, but I promise good...' she answered quickly, 'Oh that was Matt.'

Someone else had called to say thank you also. Again, cops have had a bad go of it. There is no denying that not everyone who wears blue is a Matt. But for those who go above and beyond to be kind, just to be kind - they should be called out just like the ones who are bad.

So thanks, Detective. You made my day. Now...if I could just track down the officer over this misunderstanding ten years ago...


SIDENOTE: This was 10 years ago and completely set up. I say that for two reasons. A) no...I'm not a criminal and B) look how skinny I was and how brown my hair was!

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