It's the dream every singer or country band has no matter if they talk about it or not. Whether they're making their bones playing the honky tonks on Broadway in Nashville, or trying to make it on a TV show like The Voice, or just playing the bars in their hometown. They all dream of seeing their name in lights, going on tour, and selling a million records. And it all starts with one big break.

Well the NH Liquor and Wine Outlets have teamed up with New Country 97-5 WOKQ to help make a local band's dream come true. Your band could get their first big break by opening for Justin Moore at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on August 19th.

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All you have to do is submit an mp3 or video of your original music before July 7th. Then a panel of recording industry judges from Valory Records will select five or six finalists to move on to the voting round. Your fans and the public get to vote from
July 17th to August 4th. The winner will be the band with the most public votes.

So what are you waiting for? Get busy on making that dream come true. Submit your mp3 or video Submit here. Your band could be opening up for platinum-selling country superstar Justin Moore.

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